"My employees are
the strongest defense."

With our Online Security Awareness Trainings your employees
protect your company effectively against cyber attacks.


of companies consider untrained employees to be the biggest vulnerability for cyber attacks.

(Source: ESI ThoughtLab)

Security Awareness Trainings by G DATA

With our training courses, your employees will become the best line of defense against cyber attacks. Our e-Learning platform includes more than 30 Security Awareness Trainings, which you can prioritise individually according to your employees' level of knowledge. We counter current threats with tailored courses that you can play out to your employees. Our didactic concept combines descriptive texts, videos and multiple choice questions, which can be easily integrated into your daily work in the form of 10-15 minute lessons.

Know all risks


  • Courses cover all important IT security aspects
  • Specialist topics selected by experts
  • Constant supplementation in the event of current dangers
  • Course selection adapted to the knowledge of your employees
  • Overview of your employees' progress

    Safe in the long term


    • Multilingual, interactive and diversified
    • Regular units for long-term learning
    • Practical exercises from everyday working life
    • Understandable without previous knowledge
    • Ideal preparation for ISO 27001 certification

    Save costs


    • Significantly reduces the risk of expensive cyber attacks
    • Can be used anywhere without travel costs
    • Easy and fast implementation
    • Flexible integration into the daily work routine of your employees
    • Prevent GDPR fines for data protection violations

    Learning according to concept

    People forget things they've learned over time. That is why it is important to refresh and repeat newly acquired knowledge over and over again. By offering your employees regular, short training sessions, they remain continuously aware of the contents.

    Our Security Awareness Training therefore consist of several phases:

    • Testing basic knowledge
    • Gaining new knowledge
    • Deepen knowledge
    • Repeating knowledge randomly


    Infographic: Learning behavior
    You will achieve the optimal learning process if you refresh the learning content.

    Insight: This is what the trainings look like

    Motivating content for best learning outcomes

    The contents of the training courses are presented in a varied way and teach knowledge via multiple-choice questions, videos and quick tips. By making your employees active, they optimally keep in mind what they have learned. After each question, they receive an exact explanation of what they could have done better – for optimal learning success, instead of red clues to incorrect answers.

    Understandable examples from everyday work

    All learning content presents situations that your employees experience in their own everyday work. They are formulated in comprehensible language and are therefore quick and easy to understand, especially for employees without prior technical knowledge. In this way, your employees learn to identify and block risks such as phishing e-mails.


    The new way of working

    Work securely outside the office and in public places

    Risk management & passwords

    Creation and use of passwords


    Phishing & malware

    How your employees detect malware and phishing attempts


    Information classification

    How is information classified and why?


    Working in the cloud

    Social media and working in the cloud


    Report information security incidents

    Security incidents and access control


    Social engineering

    Know whom you are dealing with


    Mobile devices

    Correct usage of smartphones and tablets in everyday workig life


    Be careful with information

    GDPR and privacy


    Security Awareness Trainings at a glance

    What? e-Learning library with more than 30 security awareness trainings
    Why? Long-term secure behavior by your employees
    Who? Multilingual for employees of all departments and countries
    How long? Selectable from 1 to 3 years
    When? During everyday work thanks to short course units
    Where? Can be used at all locations
    Kai Figge

    "If you want to effectively protect your business from cyber attacks, you should make your employees the first line of defense. Our Awareness Trainings combine more than 30 years of expert knowledge and current learning methods, with which you can train your employees and prove compliance without much effort."

    Kai Figge

    Managing Director G DATA Software AG

    Make your employees the strongest defense.

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