Frank Heisler, General Manager G DATA Service GmbH
"As a German security company, we are proud that our product portfolio has a presence in over 90 countries across the world. By joining this strong German association, we are looking forward to membership of a powerful network, which brings together the leading German IT security companies. IT security solutions must offer effective protection against all risks. No distinction should be made when assessing malware from eCrime sources or from secret services – indeed, this would be fatal. In this regard our company is a front-runner for our customers – in 2011 we signed a corresponding TeleTrusT voluntary commitment. In view of the current developments concerning PRISM, Tempora and the NSA, the German IT security industry needs a strong association that can act as a mouthpiece for its companies and can guarantee customers across the world security and quality that meet German standards, with no security holes or backdoors."

As an ITSMIG member, G DATA is obliged to meet the five criteria essential for the quality mark:

  1. The company head office must be in Germany.
  2. The company must offer reliable IT security solutions.
  3. The products on offer may not contain any hidden access points ("backdoors").
  4. The company's IT security research and development must take place in Germany.
  5. The company must commit to meeting the requirements of the German Data Protection Act.

You can find more information on IT Security Made in Germany (ITSMIG) here.




G DATA: good for defence against spying of any kind

PRISM, Tempora and no end in sight. It appears that security services snoop as much as they want and spy extensively on private data. They have strong support in doing so: Many American firms cooperate closely with the NSA, CIA and the like, leaving backdoors open in their software and services, and enabling government departments to snoop as much as they like.

So it is good when you can rely on your security solution. Every G DATA security solution is developed in Germany in accordance with the strictest data protection standards. From firewall to secure cloud storage on German servers, with G DATA, users receive reliable protection "Made in Germany" – guaranteed without backdoors!