Secure VPN software so you can surf anonymously

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Protect Your Online Activity from Unauthorized Access

Who Wants Your Data?

  1. Hackers

    You’re likely to suffer personal and financial damage if criminal hackers gain access to your data and devices. Your private bank, e-mail, and social media accounts can be hacked and your money, private data, and identity stolen.

  2. Digital Corporations

    Advertisers have a vested interest in learning more about your online behavior. Large digital corporations exploit this and earn a lot of money by selling the data you willingly disclose while you are online, for example by using a certain web browser.

  3. State Authorities

    State institutions and intelligence agencies are very interested in monitoring even ordinary people. If they invade too much of your privacy, your data may end up being misused in ways you can’t control.

30 percent

of respondents say that a third-party has accessed one of their online accounts within the last 12 months (2020, sources: BSI, ProPK).

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Frequently Asked Questions

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* During the promotional period from February 22 to May 31, 2022, G DATA VPN is available at an introductory price of 39.95 USD for the first year. After the end of the promotion, the regular price of 59.95 USD per year for 10 devices will be due. If you choose G DATA VPN within the promotional period, you will pay 39.95 USD for 10 devices in the first year, and the regular price of 59.95 USD from the second year onwards.)