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Put our record award-winning software to the test with our no-obligation, 30-day trial offer. Download a fully-functional test version of your preferred G Data security solution for free. Familiarise yourself with all its features and functions and be amazed by the capabilities of the G Data security suite.

You can easily convert your test version into a full version online at any time during the 30-day period - inclusive of virus signature licence and software update downloads valid for 12 months. You do not need to uninstall your test version!

G Data Internet Security for Android

G Data Internet Security for Android offers comprehensive protection against malware, intrusive apps and phishing attacks. Locate lost devices or wipe their content remotely to prevent unauthorized access.

G Data TotalProtection 2014

  • AntiVirus |
  • Firewall |
  • AntiSpam |
  • BankGuard |
  • Backup |
  • Data store |
  • Device control |
  • AutostartManager |
  • AntiPhishing |
  • Parental controls |
  • Gaming |
  • 24h-Service |

G Data AntiVirus for Mac

G Data AntiVirus for Mac offers special protection against viruses and phishing attempts for your Mac running OS X®. Not only does it proactively protect against Mac viruses, it also provides additional protection for your Windows PCs that are connected to your network. These heterogeneous networks consisting of Windows and Mac devices are also appearing increasingly often in households. Integrated phishing protection also blocks websites that try to spy on data.