G DATA Software AG is a global technological leader in sophisticated anti-virus software. Aside from technology, expertise and innovations, we focus on the people - our team as well as our customers. The diversity of the company is reflected in the large number of divisions.

G DATA Software AG unifies all business processes that a product passes through until it reaches the customer - all under one roof. The value chain therefore spans from product creation to sales and distribution. As a result of this, G DATA Software AG has the following divisions:

  • Research
  • Product development & management
  • Marketing & PR
  • Design
  • Sales & distribution
  • Logistics
  • Support
  • Administration & IT
  • Finances
  • Human resources & social services

Business areas

Globally active G DATA Software AG focuses on its core competency, the G DATA Security business area. The combination of in-house development and integration of the world's best security technologies is the key to success.


Availability of the software

G DATA products are available worldwide: Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Scandinavia, Finland, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey.