We’re changing the rules
of the game.

Our brand new DeepRay technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to protect you from the sophisticated tactics of criminal hackers.

Camouflage as a tactic

Same content, different shell – a trick that has enabled the cybercrime industry to develop massively in recent years. Hackers camouflage their malware with so-called packers and other obfuscation techniques. Once detected by the antivirus program, they simply repackage the same malware and use it for the next attack. This is a profitable way to spread the malicious code further.

Camouflaged malware
DeepRay technology uses artificial intelligence to unmask camouflaged malware.

The days of hide-and-seek are over

With a world first in the field of machine learning, G DATA is destroying the crooks’ business. The new DeepRay technology immediately unmasks camouflaged malware. This means that hackers can’t simply change the camouflage of a malware to trick antivirus software for a new attack anymore. Now, they have to rewrite the malware themselves – a much taller order.

DeepRay stops malware with artificial intelligence

G DATA uses a neural network consisting of several perceptrons. This network works with an algorithm that is continuously trained through adaptive learning and the know-how of our analysts. It categorizes executable files of various types using a variety of indicators, including the ratio of file size to executable code, the compiler version used, and the number of system functions imported. 

If DeepRay decides that a file is suspicious, a depth analysis is performed in the RAM of the associated process. This involves identifying patterns that can be assigned to the core of known malware families or generally malicious behavior. Thanks to DeepRay, G DATA security solutions can detect camouflaged malicious files much earlier than ordinary technologies, so they can prevent malware damage at an early stage.

Free whitepaper on DeepRay


This whitepaper discusses in detail how the new machine learning technology DeepRay works. Learn in depth how the neural network assesses the risk potential of malware and provides maximum protection against cybercriminals.