G DATA PatchManagement as an add-on module to G DATA business solutions

Unbroken protection for your company

G DATA PatchManagement is an add-on module that can be combined with any network solution such as G DATA AntiVirus, G DATA ClientSecurity and G DATA EndpointProtection. G DATA PatchManagement is easily added to the security solution and usefully enhances it.

G DATA PatchManagement offers significant advantages for companies through improved IT security and a simultaneous reduction in costs compared to manual management of software updates.

G DATA PatchManagement's wizard-supported analysis helps administrators assess risk. Furthermore, some 15,000 tested patches offer security that does not come with any compatibility issues. To do this, G DATA PatchManagement accesses the largest pool of patches and updates in the world, in which every major software provider, including Microsoft, Adobe and Sun, is represented.

  • Detection of software vulnerabilities and software inventarisation
  • Patch prioritisation and installation planning 
  • Risk assessment and testing of relevant patches
  • Patch deployment & installation 
  • Assessment of compliance in the system

You can easily add G DATA PatchManagement to your existing G DATA business solution – and there's no need to completely reinstall the security solution!

G DATA PatchManagement provides:

  • Fast updates for all Windows-based systems and removal of all application-specific vulnerabilities (Microsoft & third-party providers), even where client configurations are different
  • Classification of patches by criticality – this function can be adapted according to the user
  • Software inventarization throughout the entire company network, with integrated blacklisting and whitelisting for fast identification of software that does not correspond to company guidelines
  • Full integration of PatchManagement in the central G DATA Administrator and in the ReportManager, giving a transparent overview of the patch status in the network
  • Numerous scheduling configuration options to adapt PatchManagement detection, deployment and installation processes as closely as possible to the customer's business structure
  • Easily scalable to support future software and initiatives without the need to make changes to G DATA PatchManagement
  • Client or group recognition and deployment jobs for rapid update distribution
  • Optional uninstalling of unwanted patches
  • Access to over 15,000 pretested patches

System requirements

  • G DATA Security Client, ManagementServer, G DATA MailSecurity (32 Bit / 64 Bit):
    Systeme mit Windows 8 / 7 / Vista /XP (nur 32 Bit),
    Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012, ab 1 GB RAM

    G DATA MailSecurity (MS Exchange Plugin, 64 Bit):
    Microsoft Exchange 2007 bis 2013