Announcement of 30. March 2016

Stiftung Warentest: G DATA Internet Security offers the best virus scanner

Security solution has impressed with its best virus detection in all nine comparison tests since 2005.

G DATA Internet Security offers the "best virus scanner" to protect against malware and other threats – this is the result of the current Stiftung Warentest comparison test in the magazine 'test' (issue 04/2016). The German consumer organisation scrutinised 17 virus protection packages. Paid-for security solutions offer the best protection, was the unanimous verdict. In every Stiftung Warentest comparison test since 2005, G DATA Internet Security has proven its outstanding level of protection against malware and online threats. The testers lauded G DATA as the "best virus scanner" in the comparison test. Other pluses were the excellent reaction time to new malware and the comprehensive protection against spam and phishing email. Stiftung Warentest gives G DATA the grade “good”.

We are delighted with the excellent result in the current Stiftung Warentest comparison test. G DATA Internet Security has impressed with its best virus detection in every comparison test since 2005. We see it as both validation and an incentive.

Andreas Lüning

co-founder and board member of G DATA Software AG

Stiftung Warentest test verdict:

"Good paid-for programs offer the best protection." The testers said of G DATA: "G DATA Internet Security has the best virus scanner."

Test details:

  • Security software tested: 17 security solutions, including G DATA Internet Security and 3 free antivirus programs
  • Number of malware instances in test: 17,600 malware files
  • Carried out by Stiftung Warentest – and published in 'test' magazine, issue 04/2016



Seamless protection: G DATA Internet Security

G DATA Internet Security reliably provides protection for the PC and personal data – with the best protection against viruses, keyloggers, exploits and Trojans plus a powerful firewall. It means that Internet users have the best protection against every danger – whether they are carrying out online banking transactions, shopping or surfing. And with parental controls, even younger users are protected effectively as they surf the Internet.

Top features at a glance

  • Best protection against viruses and other malware
  • Instant protection for emails, also with SSL encryption
  • Exploit protection blocks malware that exploits vulnerabilities in your software
  • Keylogger protection: automated, signature-independent real-time protection
  • Secure online banking and shopping thanks to the BankGuard technology
  • Protection against hacking via a firewall
  • Free customer support 24/7/365







Announcement of 30. March 2016

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