Announcement of 22. December 2017

AV-Test: G DATA Mobile Internet Security makes first place

100 percent detection rate were achieved in the current test.

The AV-TEST institute has tested 21 security solutions for Android in its latest test. All tested security apps need to face a real-world threat scenario. G DATA Mobile Internet Security has once again scored top marks and detected 100% of all malicious apps used during the test. The solution from the Bochum-based maker of IT security solutions also excelled on handling and additional features, earning G DATA Mobile Internet Security the top rank with 13 out of 13 points.

Test details

Android threat level on the rise

In a comparative test conducted by AV-Test, G DATA Mobile Internet Security detected all malware without any false detections. This current test proves that having only a basic protection is not enough and that only a comprehensive solution can provide perfect protection. On average, experts at G DATA detect a new malware for Android every 10 seconds. The first three quarters of 2017 alone have produced 2.258.387 new malicious apps, as stated in by the analysts in their current Mobile Malware Report.

Effective protection for smartphones and tablets

G DATA Mobile Internet Security offers comprehensive all-round protection for mobile devices. In addition to protecting from malware and dangerous apps as well as dangers during surfing the web, the security app also puts users at ease in case a device is lost or stolen: smartphones can be located remotely and all data on it can be wiped if need be, to prevent any personal data from falling into the wrong hands.

Key features

  • Protection from phishing and dangerous websites through cloud-based detection methods
  • Protection from dangerous apps: the app control checkst he permissions of every app and warns you if an app becomes too „nosy“
  • Protection from Android malware: by connecting to the  cloud, the always up-to-date Advanced Scan technology detects all malicious programs while being easy on resources
  • Customizable SMS and call filter for fending off unsolicited phone calls (e.g. from telemarketers).
  • Protection in case of loss or theft: the smartphone or tablet can be located or wiped remotely
  • Customizable parental controls which enable your children to use a mobile device safely


Announcement of 22. December 2017


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