Announcement of 11. December 2017

„Weakening security standards is highly dangerous“

G DATA stands for upholding high security standards. Those must not be weakened, even by the government.

The website „Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland“ (RND) has publi-shed a report about a paper which, according to the site, was going to be ratified during a conference on Thursday. The docu-ment was aid to contain a catalog of measures, which significant-ly broadens the ways in which wiretap operation can be carried out. The outlet claims that according to the paper, companies have to provide the state with access rights to connected devices. G DATA‘s position on those claims is clear: the German IT securi-ty firm has committed itself to a „No Backdoor“ guarantee, ever since the first “federal trojan” made the rounds. Furthermore, G DATA is dedicated to the TeleTrusT initiative „IT-Security Made in Germany“. The discussion about softening up IT security standards has a negative impact on the entire IT security indus-try. The complete statement from Ralf Benzmüller (Executive Speaker at G DATA) and Tim Berghoff (Security Evangelist at G DATA) is available on the Security Blog.

„Such ideas imply weakening security technologies, which is highly dangerous. Doing this would throw the door wide open not just for law enforcement but also for criminals“, says Ralf Benzmüller, G DATA Executive Speaker. „Germany’s good reputation as a country with the world’s best data protection is at stake, as well as the security of consumers and companies.“

Trust is a valuable good

Mutual trust between providers of IT security and their customers is immensely valuable. In the face of a rapidly progressing digitization, it is important to strengthen this trust. A discussion about how smart home devices or cars can be used for surveillance, creates uncertainty in customers and users, and also damages the entire industry. Germany is a country with very high standards for data protection and privacy. G DATA guarantees its customers to treat all their data according to those standards.

„My data remains in Europe“

Some of the media coverage does little to assure companies as well as home users. G DATA takes the privacy of their customers just as seriously as the protection of computers and networks. Therefore, G DATA gives customers a trustworthy solution with no backdoors, together with the best possible protection against online threats.


The entire statement "Safe as Houses?" is available on the G DATA Security Blog.


Announcement of 11. December 2017


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