Announcement of 14. July 2017

Fake Windows Helpdesk asks people to call them

A security expert of the German IT security company calls a fake helpdesk hotline and shines a light on the workings behind the scam.

The latest scheme of scammers is to pose as a certified Windows helpdesk, asking unsuspecting users to call them. On screen, user will see a fake security alert in the foreground and the Windows 10 error screen in the background. The message claims that the computer has experienced an issue and was locked for security reasons. To resolve the issue, the user is asked to call a toll-free phone number. G DATA security expert Tim Berghoff called the number pretending to be an unsuspecting victim and talked to the scammers.

A recording of the phone call and an article on the background are available
on the G DATA Security Blog.

Tips from the G DATA security experts for dealing with scammers

  • People should always be on their guard and not fall for titles like „Windows Expert“- When in doubt, just hang up. 
  • Contact a reputable and trustworthy expert for any PC problems.
  • Never grant remote access to the computer to unfamiliar individuals.
  • Never share any personal data with those hotlines – this is true for names, phone numbers, email addresses or banking data.
  • Do not make any payments for supposed „service and maintenance contracts“ 


Announcement of 14. July 2017


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