Announcement of 05. July 2017

All set for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Close security holes and keep IT systems up-to-date with G DATA Patch Management

On 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation enters into force in order to strengthen and unify data in Europe. This also includes securing the IT infrastructure against cyber attacks in order to prevent data theft. Installing software updates is an important factor in closing security holes that are otherwise open to attackers. G DATA Patch Management helps administrators meet their obligations, and allows the patches deployed to be rolled out either immediately or progressively on the network. Combined with G DATA's powerful antivirus solutions, this provides IT systems with comprehensive protection against data theft, giving companies a valuable helping hand in complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation: Companies need to be prepared

The new regulations affect all companies that collect and process personal data, through their customer databases for example. Companies must ensure comprehensive protection of all important sectors, by implementing "state of the art" technologies, or otherwise face stiff financial sanctions. Companies that use software that is outdated or not up-to-date, laying them open to cyber attacks, run the risk of being fined for data breaches. The drawing up of mandatory compliance rules, which define the handling of the sensitive information, is one of the key steps. Another important component is ensuring the comprehensive protection of IT systems against data leakages and cyberattacks. This is where solutions containing a patch management system come into play. They allow updates from software vendors to be installed immediately on the network.

The solution: G DATA Patch Management

A patch management solution is an effective way of coping with the plethora of program updates. G DATA Patch Management is an add-on module to the network solutions of the IT security manufacturer that supports administrators in the efficient distribution of software patches.

Advantages of G DATA Patch Management

  • Manage patches centrally: The updates are distributed centrally to the individual clients via the management server, and a step-by-step roll-out is also possible.
  • Minimise risks: Patches can first be rolled out in a test environment to rule out any compatibility problems specific to the client.
  • Stay up to date: With G DATA Patch Management, IT managers ensure that the clients are always using the latest versions of the applied software and subsequently closing security holes.
  • Everything at a glance: The module gives administrators an overview of the software used in the network and the available patches.


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Announcement of 05. July 2017


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