Announcement of 19. June 2017

AV-TEST: Perfect protection with G DATA Mobile Internet Security

100 percent malware detection with the latest Android threats.

In its latest comparison test the independent AV-TEST institute examined 20 security solutions for the Android operating system and their effectiveness to tackle current risks. G DATA Mobile Internet Security detected 100 percent of all malware programs in the test environment. It also scored full marks for ease of use and useful add-on functions. In the final result, G DATA Mobile Internet Security received the maximum possible 13 points out of 13, and was awarded top place and the coveted AV-TEST certification.

In realistic test scenarios, AV-TEST checks the security apps for their ability to protect against current threats. The security solutions must prove those abilities by using all functions and protection levels.

“The threat for Android devices is growing steadily. The use of effective mobile security solutions provides security. The regular tests of the AV-TEST Institute show which products offer the best protection”, said Andreas Marx CEO from AV-TEST. “Here G DATA regularly convinces with good grades in all test categories.”

Dragomir Vatkov, Head of Product Management at G DATA, also knows that a continuous improvement of the security solution is a key criterion to ensure the best possible protection for the customer. “We regularly demonstrate the performance of our security solutions in the test results of AV-TEST”, explains Vatkov. “The current test of G DATA Mobile Internet Security impressively demonstrates that we successfully defend our customers against cybercrime. We are particularly pleased that our efforts are bearing fruits.”

Test details

  • Number of security solutions tested: 20, including G DATA Mobile Internet Security
  • Platform: Android
  • Period: May 2017
  • Conducted by AV-Test

Security solutions essential for mobile devices

G DATA security experts discovered over 750,000 new Android malware apps in the first quarter of 2017. That represents almost 8,400 new malware instances every day. Cyber criminals are targeting mobile devices more and more as many users carry out banking and shopping transactions via smartphones and tablets. A security app should therefore include a virus scanner that provides protection against Trojans, viruses and other malware. Furthermore it should include surfing and phishing protection to safeguard users against dangerous emails and websites.

Effective protection for smartphones and tablets

G DATA Mobile Internet Security offers reliable all-round protection for mobile end devices using the Android operating system. Besides protection against malware, risky apps and dangers while mobile surfing, the smart security app also protects users against the fatal consequences of losing the device or having it stolen. Smartphones can be located and all the data stored on them can be deleted remotely, protecting them from third party access.

Key features

  • Security against phishing and malicious websites, thanks to Cloud-based detection
  • Protection against dangerous apps: The app checker verifies the permissions of apps and issues warnings about inquisitive apps
  • Protection against Android malware: The new Cloud connection enables the resource-saving Advanced Scan to detect all malware and stay fully up-to-date at all times
  • Customisable SMS and call filter for telemarketing calls, etc.
  • Protection if the device is lost or stolen: If the smartphone or tablet is lost, all the data stored on it can be deleted, or the device can be locked or located.
  • Comprehensive, configurable parental controls so children can also use the mobile device
  • Optional VPN module for protection against external data theft in public networks


Announcement of 19. June 2017

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