Announcement of 13. February 2017

G DATA does not touch HTTPS

Research team admits to error in their data

A study titled "The Security Impact of HTTPS Interception" states that security solutions from G DATA interferes with transferring encrypted browser traffic by opening up HTTPS. According to the researchers, this would compromise hat security of the connection. G DATA has immediately contacted the authors of the paper and asked them to share the data on which their claims are based. Having examined the data, it turns out that the indings of the study do not apply to G DATA’s security solutions. Apparently, the researchers have made an error in analyzing the data. Many G DATA customers were understandably concerned by some of the media coverage the study received. Customers can read up on the topic in the G DATA Security Blog, where Ralf Benzmüller (Executive Speaker, G DATA Security Labs) and Tim Berghoff (Security Evangelist) have compiled the most important information.

What is HTTPS?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (kurz: HTTPS) is a protocol used for secure data transmission on the internet. HTTPS encrypts and decrypts requests between a user and a website. It is widely used for online shops and for online banking. Without encryption, the transmitted data could be read in the clear by anyone with access to the same network. The abbreviation is also visible in the browser’s address bar. A HTTPS connection prevents your data from being snooped on. 

G DATA Security Blog (2017-02-13) - G DATA does not touch HTTPS


Announcement of 13. February 2017


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