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How to find your Registration Number (of your Windows license)

This article will help you to find your Registration Number (a.k.a.: License Key) which is needed to activate your G DATA product on your first computer.

Keep in mind that you only have to activate the program with the Registration Number once (this is called the Registration Process).

You then receive a User Name and Password via email. For any future activation, these credentials should be used.

Furthermore, if you have purchased the product from our website and have checked the option "Software activation", 

then you already have received your User Name and Password and can skip the Registration Process.

If you should have received your User Name and Password but don't know where to find them, check the following article:

How to find your Login Credentials

A. If you have purchased a physical copy of the product,
the Registration Number can be found on the back of the manual, which is located inside the product box.

B. If you have purchased a digital copy of the product from our website,

you have received an email from shop@gdata.de, which contains your Registration Number.

It can take up to 5-10 min after the purchase to receive this email. If you cannot find it, check also your spam folder.

Now that you have your Registration Number, you can activate your G DATA product.


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