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How to find your Login Credentials (of your Windows or Android license)

This article will help you to find your Login Credentials (User Name and Password) which are needed to activate your G DATA product on your Windows or Android device (such as your phone or tablet).

Your Login Credentials are sent to you via email the first time you activate any G DATA product with your Registration Number,  which you receive after the purchase of the license.

An exception is if you have left checked the option Software activation during the purchase, in that case you automatically receive the Login Credentials via email after the purchase.

To get more information about this process, check the following article:

A. If "Software activation" was checked during the purchase of the license.

In this case you have received an email from shop@gdata.de with your User Name and Password (pictured below) shortly after the purchase.

B. If you have activated your first product with the Registration Number,
you have received an email from support-eng@gdata.de with your credentials (pictured below).

C. If you have lost your Login Credentials, recover them as follows:

Step 1. Click here to access the recovery form

Step 2. Enter either your email address, Registration Number or User Name.

Answer the security question, then click Request access data.

Step 3. An email will then be sent with your Login Credentials (from the address noreply@gdatasoftware.com).

Step 4. Check your mail box, if you can't see the email then wait a couple of more minutes and check your spam folder as well.

If you have entered an email address on the recovery form and you have multiple G DATA licenses associated with that email address, then you will receive a list of all of them.

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