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G DATA Mobile Security Android: Activating Web Protection after an APK installation

Step 1: Triggering the possibility to allow restricted settings

Step 2: Allowing restricted settings

Step 3: Activating Web Protection

1. In G DATA Mobile Security, open Web Protection.

The Web Protection service is disabled.

2. Tap the slider.

The Web Protection service will not be activated. Instead, you will be prompted to open the Android accessibility service. 

3. Open the accessibility service by tapping Continue

The Android accessibility service will open. Here you will find the G DATA Mobile Security Web Protection. The entry is grayed out. 

4. Tap the grayed-out entry. 

The notification that the accessibility service have a "Restricted setting" appears. This notification triggers the option to allow the Restricted setting in the App Info. 

The restricted setting can now be allowed in the app info.

Close the message and continue with step 2.

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