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How to take debug logs of the G DATA ManagementServer

This article will show you how to take debug logs of the G DATA ManagementServer in case of a technical issue with the functioning of the server.

The ManagementServer's activity (including database activity) is automatically logged by the software. The logs can be found in the following folder on the server: %ProgramData%\G DATA\AntiVirus ManagementServer\Log 

There are several relevant files:

The "Startup" sub-folder contains one log file for each start of the G DATA ManagementServer service. In there you'll find information about any issue with the service start or in establishing the connection with the SQL server hosting the database.

The "Gdmms.log" file contains all activity of the ManagementServer, Administor or database.

The "GdmmsError.log" file specifically contains any error message during the operation of the server.

Because Gdmms.log and GdmmsError.log can grow quickly in size, they are both archived past a certain size. The archives are kept in the sub-folder "Archives" and a maximum of 2 GB of logs are kept before the oldest file is deleted.

The behavior of the logging process including default paths and archive sizes can be changed by editing the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\G Data\G DATA AntiVirus ManagementServer\NLog.config.

When sending logs to G DATA Support for a technical issue with the ManagementServer be sure to follow the below guidelines:

Compress the whole content of the "Log" folder on the ManagementServer (%ProgramData%\G DATA\AntiVirus ManagementServer\Log) in a .zip file before sending it to us.

However, because the "Archive" sub-folder can weight up to 2 GB it can be excluded if the technical issue you are experiencing with the server has been reproduced recently.

This means that if you can reproduce the issue consistently, do it then send us the "Log" folder immediately afterwards without the "Archive" sub-folder.

If you can't reproduce the issue consistently and if it happened in the past days then we'll also need the "Archives" sub-folder. If the file size is an issue contact our Support who will provide you with a share to upload the file to.

In any event send us the .zip file.

If you already have an open ticket with us, just reply to the latest email you have received and put the file as attachment.

If you have no open ticket yet, use our contact form.

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