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How to install and activate G DATA Mobile Internet Security (on iOS)

This article will guide you through the installation and activation of G DATA Mobile Internet Security on your iOS device. You can find the app in the Apple App Store.

1. Search G DATA Internet Security on the App Store
To install the app, open the App Store on your device and enter "G DATA Internet Security" in the search bar.


2. Installation of Mobile Internet Security.
Select the appropriate entry from the list of search results and install the G DATA Internet Security app.


3. Opening and setting up Mobile Internet Security.
When you start the Mobile Internet Security for the first time, you will see the software license agreement.

Please read it carefully. To continue with the setup of the software, scroll to the end of the document and confirm that you agree with the terms.


4. Registration / Account creation
If you are using or installing the app for the first time, register to use the premium features. Please enter your first and last name and a valid email address, then continue by tapping on "Register" below.


5. Login
If you already have an account for Internet Security by G DATA, you can log in using the "Login" tab with your username and password.


6. Registration in the ActionCenter
In order to be able to use all premium functions including the "Find my device" theft protection, please register in the G DATA ActionCenter.

To do this, tap on Settings in the main menu of the app (Dashboard) and then on ActionCenter.

Enter a valid e-mail address of yours here, which you will also have access to in case of loss of the protected device, and assign a secure password. Once the registration has been successfully completed, you can navigate back to the main menu within the app.


7. Enable the Find my device function
For the best possible protection and control of your device, we recommend activating the features in Find my device.

To do this, tap Find my device in the app's main menu (Dashboard).

If you have previously successfully registered and logged in to the G DATA ActionCenter, you should now be able to activate the Find my device package.

To do this, move the top slider to the right by tapping it to turn it green. To use the functions, open the website https://ac.gdata.de/#/ on any device with your internet browser and log in with your previously registered e-mail address and the corresponding password.


8. Manage your license in My G DATA
To easily manage your license, you can tap My G DATA in the app's main menu (dashboard).

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