Jens Osterholz, htp Product Manager

As a provider of DSL and telephone connections we were on the look out for a service orientated and strong partner for consumer internet security suites  in the area Hannover- Braunschweig – Hildesheim in order to offer this as an additional service to our customers on a monthly invoice service. In G DATA we have found this partner. G DATA has convinced us and our customers through continuously strong test results as well as a personal and uncomplicated customer service in all areas of the partnership.

Jörg Heine, Digital-Office-Center, Erfurt

G DATA - the AV software, which is recommended to our customers in nearly 100% of cases by our consultants, is extremely popular. This is not only because of the good scanning performance and easy configuration, but also because of the perfect customer care provided by our contact partner at G DATA.

Katja Berger, berger EDV Leistungen (berger IT services), Schwanau-Ottenheim

G DATA AntiVirus is easy to install, very reliable and can be individually adjusted to meet the requirements of the customer. Put simply, G DATA AntiVirus provides exactly what you would expect from antivirus software. The icing on the cake is, however, the treatment by sales: uncomplicated, quick and very friendly. It's always a pleasure to deal with G DATA.

Klaus Müller, Streit Datentechnik GmbH, Haslach i.K.

An impressive virus scanner. Thanks to the DoubleScan technology of the two antivirus engines and up-to-dateness of the virus definitions, virus detection is always extremely reliable. Up until now we have only had positive experience as well as positive feedback from our customers. The flexibility and customer care are likewise exemplary. With these products we're always erring on the safe side.

Jasmin Mund, B : Computer GmbH, Lörrach

We're very pleased with the service from G DATA. Queries are always promptly answered and the goods are always quickly on site. Product queries are always dealt with attentively. We also find the license expiry remainders very useful, allowing us to offer our customers an extension in plenty of time.

Michael Kohl, Geschäftsführer Cetus-IT Secure GmbH, Wiener Neudorf

Cetus-IT Secure GmbH has definitely chosen the quality leader in the field of IT security solutions. With the incorporation of G DATA business solutions into our sales range, we are able to offer our customers a one-stop answer to the entire range of high-end solutions in the field of IT security. When it comes to antivirus network solutions, in the future we will only be offering out partners G DATA products.

Norbert Kneifel, Gruber Ärztliche Datenverarbeitung GmbH, Enns

The reason was the enormous loss of performance we suffered with our existing provider. With G DATA we get a one-stop solution that offers optimum security performance and which is simultaneously intuitive to use. We can even guide IT beginners through the program over the phone when one-off adjustments are required.

Ilona Poesze, Education Line Manager, Hexacom, Löningen - Bunnen

Hexacom has, over the years, established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the market for school software. Cooperation with an important player such as G DATA is, from our point of view, a consistent development of our strategy of offering schools, pupils and teachers the optimum applications at the most attractive prices.

André Altmann, Director netcomet GmbH, Kerpen

The product portfolio of Netcomet consists exclusively of the high-quality producers. Our customers mainly comprise medium-sized companies - G DATA AntiVirus Business and Enterprise solutions are ideal for this customer segment: optimum protection with a low administrative overhead. One absolute positive is the trouble-free incorporation into large projects. The excellent technical support is top-quality at every stage of planning and the excellent information strategy allows us to remain a step ahead of the competition. The partnership with G DATA has paid off for our company at every level.

Regina Weber, Branch Manager IKN IT-Service GmbH

In the field of IT security, it is particularly important to be able to offer a one-stop solution - from the hardware right through to the security solution. Small to medium sized enterprises are well aware of this fact. The quality of the G DATA security solutions and the attractive and the, above all, open partner program have allowed us to enter into a partnership with G DATA . The feedback from our customers and service technicians is thoroughly positive.

Dr. Lutz Gollan, Nordrhein Westfaila Association of Towns and Municipalities

When agreeing framework contracts we naturally favour companies from Nordrhein Westfaila. However even more decisive for us than the location is the quality of the products and services offered. With G DATA all three criteria coincide: location, quality of the security solutions and on-site service. The latest test reports form well known specialist publications confirm our decision to go with G DATA and underline the capabilities of companies from Nordrhein Westfaila when it comes to high technology developments.The Städte- und Gemeindebund NRW (Nordrhein Westfaila Association of Towns and Municipalities) comprises 359 towns and municipalities and three municipal associations.